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As a professional photographer I sometimes cringe when handing over digital files.  Why?  One reason is that I don’t want images to sit on a flash drive or computer and not get printed for my clients to enjoy.  The other reason is I worry about where they will be printed.  One of the main reasons customers order digital files is because they want to save money on prints.  ALL PHOTO LABS ARE NOT CREATED EQUAL!  I know how much variation there is between professional printers and I suspected the same or worse between consumer labs.  
 I wouldn’t go into an art museum and brush a layer of paint over a painting and sometimes that is what I feel when clients order low quality prints.   If you are going to invest in custom photography I highly encourage you to invest in high quality prints!  Your prints and products should look amazing to cherish for a lifetime...

I have spent a lot of time and money finding the best photo lab in Melbourne and am proud to have my work printed through their facilities. Please consider the print packages attached .

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