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Adelphi Mou

My website, my logo, my branding, every invite, every concept, every wish, is all thanks to "The Graphic Designing QUEEN" Marita from Adelphi Mou.... Marita is a vibrant talented young women changing the face of many businesses and personal design projects. Warm and friendly, she tackles every job with fresh ideas, gusto, high importance, standing out from the crowd and her number one GOAL is to meet the brief of her clients.

Watching my business grow in leaps and bounds because of her tireless work to help me achieve my visions. Please check out her webpage at you will not be disappointed.

"I like to tweak the rules and do things my own way. Being the baby in a family of hard work, perfection and endless “to-do” lists I was destined to be the way I am today. From the very beginning, I have always been creative. Making things, pulling them apart, question how things work and how they fit together. Music defined a very big part of my childhood and hence forms one of the cornerstones of who I am. Over eleven years, I studied the violin, the theory of music and even dabbled in playing the piano. I even sat in the front desk of several Melbourne Youth Music orchestras with my violin in hand. Music taught me the discipline to listen, to observe and to pay attention to the finer details that are often missed and bypassed by others." Marita

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